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Deep Fried Turkey Safety Tips

Char-Broil Easy Turkey Fryer

It’s hard to believe that it’s already that time of the year already.  However given that I waited until Veterans Day to winterize my boat should make it is obvious that I have been attempting  to deny the holiday season is already here but to deny it at this stage would be cause for a thorough head examination!

If you live in North Carolina your plans for Thanksgiving Day celebrations might invariably include the fine Southern tradition of Deep Fried Turkey. So when I got the email from my local U-Haul dealer thanking me for being a “loyal U-Haul customer this year” and the subject read “Oil-Less Propane Turkey Fryers at U-Haul for Thanksgivng” (typo included) it got me thinking about a conversation I had last year with my friend Don Fuller who happens to be my North Carolina Farm Bureau Agent. Continue reading Deep Fried Turkey Safety Tips