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Raleigh Real Estate Market Update – September 2011

According to the statistics recorded in the Triangle Multiple Listing Service there’s good news and there’s really bad news for the  Raleigh Real Estate Market.  I prefer the bad news first because it always make the good news sound just a little bit better so here’s the bad news;

Median & Average Sales Price Declines in Raleigh by double digits

If you have to sell your home  in Wake County North Carolina where 100% of Raleigh is located, the value of your home may be falling faster than the presidents job approval ratings!
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Raleigh Real Estate – it’s NOT a Buyer’s Market

if you are a first time home buyer shopping for a home in Raleigh say between $100,000 and $149,999 and in April found that your low ball offers weren’t being accepted, it’s because it ISN’T A BUYERS MARKET IN RALEIGH in that price range.