When potential home buyers walk into your home and sees clutter, it gives the impression your home is dirty and not well-maintained and this is NOT the impression you want them to have!

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Because of the current state of our economy many luxury home buyers may have been artificially sidelined. These would be move up buyers are fearfully waiting for the housing market to bottom. As with the stock market, it is hard to …

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Are you looking to sell your home now or in the future? Most people ask me where to start or should I sell? Those are very good and important questions if you’re thinking of putting your home on …

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Buyers’ first impressions are set as they approach the house. Therefore, making your home more attractive and purchase-worthy starts in the front yard.

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In a slow housing market, a competitive edge can be  the difference between a house that sells fast and a house that languishes on the market doomed to the fate of …

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Unlike Scotty however, most people although they have heard the term SHORT SALE they really don’t know what the term means so here is a very basic explanation that I tried out on Bella (my six year old daughter) and although it bored her to tears, even she understood it.

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Some today experts are saying that only 1 out of 10 short sales reach successful conclusion. Yet others say that 1 out of every 4 close escrow. Regardless a 10% to 25% success ratio is pathetic no matter what your business is!

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