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Tips For Getting Organized!

Selling your Home – Tips to get Organized!


Experts agree a neat and tidy organized  home sells faster 
and for more than one that is cluttered and disorganized! When listing your home for sale you want potential home buyers to focus on the space and amenities, not your stuff!

When potential home buyers walk into your home and sees clutter, it gives the impression your home is dirty and not well-maintained and this is NOT the impression you want them to have! However when the home is organized it gives the impression that home is well cared for. Continue reading Tips For Getting Organized!

How to Upgrade your Home in Raleigh

For Houses in Raleigh  priced to sell between $550,000 - $599,999 there is 24 month supply of inventory
24 Month Supply of Luxury Homes in Raleigh Priced to sell between $550,000 & $599,999

Because of the current state of our economy many luxury home buyers may have been artificially sidelined.

These would be move up buyers are fearfully waiting for the housing market to bottom.

As with the stock market, it is hard to time the housing market. No one really knows for sure whether the market will go down further or not. In fact even after a recent six month rise in housing prices they have begin to fall again. Continue reading How to Upgrade your Home in Raleigh

How to Sell Your House for Top Dollar Fast!

In a slow housing market, a competitive edge can be  the … More How to Sell Your House for Top Dollar Fast!

What is a Short Sale?

The term “SHORT SALE” has surged forth into the modern lexicon about as fast as Scotty MCreery has.  Hopefully one will remain longer than the other and I will let you decide which you prefer. As for me, I like the kid and not just because his high school is 1,000 yards from my home either.

Unlike Scotty however, most people although they have heard the term SHORT SALE they really don’t know what the term means so here is a very basic explanation that I tried out on Bella (my six year old daughter) and although it bored her to tears, even she understood it. Continue reading What is a Short Sale?

5 Reasons Your Short Sales Will NEVER Close

US Housing Prices Double Dip Recession

The national statistics are bad, really bad and that’s just for existing non distressed home sales. The numbers are even worse when it comes to short sales.

Some experts today are saying  that only 1 out of 10 short sales reach a successful conclusion. Yet others say that 1 out of every 4 close escrow.  Regardless a 10% to 25% success ratio is pathetic no matter what your business is! Because my expertise is in Short Sales I find myself frequently being asked the question “Why do many short sales never close?” and this is what I tell them;

My Top 5 Reasons Your Short Sales Won’t Close

1) Unrealistic Buyer Expectations

Somewhere along the way, Buyers got it in their heads that short sales are the end all, be all score of the century. Often I receive calls from out-of-state investors and Buyers who all make similar comments – “Yeah… I had a cousin who bought a $300,000 condo as a short sale for only $50,000”. First, I would refute that the condo was ever worth $300,000.  Perhaps in Florida, Nevada, Arizona or California, you might be able to pick up a condo for $50,000 when at once it was sold for $200,000. But outside the anomalous cities, you just don’t score those deals – not in the Raleigh/Durham/Apex/Cary areas of North Carolina.