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USDA has updated its Income Limits for Raleigh-Cary 2014!

The 2014 Income Limits for the very popular no money down USDA Single Family Guaranteed Loan Program were published on February 12, 2014.  The Guaranteed Underwriting System and the Income Eligibility calculator in the Eligibility website have been updated to use the new income limits. Continue reading USDA has updated its Income Limits for Raleigh-Cary 2014!

Deep Fried Turkey Safety Tips

Char-Broil Easy Turkey Fryer

It’s hard to believe that it’s already that time of the year already.  However given that I waited until Veterans Day to winterize my boat should make it is obvious that I have been attempting  to deny the holiday season is already here but to deny it at this stage would be cause for a thorough head examination!

If you live in North Carolina your plans for Thanksgiving Day celebrations might invariably include the fine Southern tradition of Deep Fried Turkey. So when I got the email from my local U-Haul dealer thanking me for being a “loyal U-Haul customer this year” and the subject read “Oil-Less Propane Turkey Fryers at U-Haul for Thanksgivng” (typo included) it got me thinking about a conversation I had last year with my friend Don Fuller who happens to be my North Carolina Farm Bureau Agent. Continue reading Deep Fried Turkey Safety Tips

FAQ – FHA ‘Back to Work; Extenuating Circumstances’ Explained

Normally HUD Mortgage Letters are pretty boring stuff but the FHA recently made headlines when they issued the HUD Mortgagee letter 13-26 dated 08/15/2013 with the subject ‘Back to Work – Extenuating Circumstances’.

This 15 page letter outlines how the FHA plans to make exceptions that will allow borrowers with troubled past related to the economic malaise commonly called the Great Recession, to reenter the market in a shorter time-frame. Continue reading FAQ – FHA ‘Back to Work; Extenuating Circumstances’ Explained

5 tips to pay for college tuition

Five Tips to Pay for College
without leveraging the family home

5 tips to pay for collegeOver the course of the recent borrow and spend decade people from all walks of life and education levels  convinced themselves of the craziest ways to spend borrowed equity from their homes! In spite of wall to wall coverage in the media, it hasn’t changed that much in this decade either.

Recently, a man entered my office and asked me to expedite the closing date of his cash-out mortgage refinance transaction in order to free up the available funds on his Home Equity Line of Credit that he had already maxed out once before with varied consumer purchases so that he could take a $4,000 draw in to pay for a week-long vacation rental at the North Carolina beaches with his ADULT children and grandchildren! To be clear, I am all for vacationing with family and enjoying the fruits of your labor but when it’s borrowed money that is secured by your family’s home, well that’s downright foolish and I don’t recommend it one bit. Continue reading 5 tips to pay for college tuition

FHA 203(b) Loans for North Carolina borrowers with 620 Fico Scores



Until recently, getting a loan to purchase a home in Raleigh North Carolina for borrowers with credit scores greater than 620 but less than 640 was nearly impossible. However, because of the improving real estate markets, lenders are beginning to once again to loosen their credit guidelines. Continue reading FHA 203(b) Loans for North Carolina borrowers with 620 Fico Scores

HUD Predicts Some Rents increased by as much as 25% in Raleigh – Cary MSA 2013

English: Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, 12 ...
English: Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, 12 October 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

HUD has just published the 2013 Area Median Income limits and the 2013 Fair Market Rents for use in Raleigh – Cary MSA. You may be asking yourself “why should I care about HUD Median Income Limits”?  If your plans to move to Raleigh or Cary include buying, selling or simply renting a home (and by “home” I also mean an apartment) in the Raleigh – Cary Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) this should be very important to you. That is why I’m filing this post under the category of “SAQ” or what I like to call “Should Ask Questions”. Continue reading HUD Predicts Some Rents increased by as much as 25% in Raleigh – Cary MSA 2013

Raleigh Area Fourth of July Festivities 2012

This Fourth of July Independence Day don’t just wave your American Flag and eat a Hot Dog! (although these are not bad ways to enjoy the holiday!)

Soldier kissing his bride on fourth of July wedding 330am
Image Courtesy IWP Photography

As you enjoy this most patriotic of American holidays please make sure to take a moment to thank a current or former member of the armed services or if they are deployed, thank their spouse!

Also – remember that the North Carolina State Police are stepping up enforcement this week with numerous Driving While Impaired checkpoints so if you are planning on enjoying adult beverages make sure that you designate a driver or captain if you are boating.

Continue reading Raleigh Area Fourth of July Festivities 2012

Quality of Life in Raleigh

By now you have probably come to learn that there are many great reasons to call Raleigh, North Carolina home. Whether you are seeking better job opportunities, fleeing oppressive tax rates in New York and New Jersey, sick and tired of the crazy heat of Florida summers or seemingly endless winters of the Midwest, Raleigh has something for everyone.

Forbes:  “The Best Places For Business”  – Raleigh, NC

After calling Raleigh home for nearly five years, myself an economic refugee from Michigan, I have discovered that Raleigh indeed offers all of the above, including a vibrant arts scene, great dining and otherwise abundant quality of life. In fact, the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce recently conducted a survey of newcomers (people who have relocated to Raleigh within the past three years) with children, of those respondents, 92% affirmed their decision to relocate their family to Raleigh by asserting that if given the choice they would make the same decision again. That’s a pretty strong endorsement when you consider that most people with children prefer to live near their extended families for support.

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