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Is Renting YOUR American Dream?

ContentsHas Renting Become the New American Dream?a Lack of Affordable Rental Units Inflation is the intended unstated goal of governmentRelated … More Is Renting YOUR American Dream?

Inflation Concerns Push Mortgage Rates Higher

Even with higher energy prices, consumers continued to spend freely on other items last month. The March sales figures from about two dozen large retail chain stores released on Thursday were stronger than expected. Consumer spending accounts for about 70% of economic activity, so this data was encouraging news for the economy.

a simple explanation of inflation and mortgage rates

That is because home loan rates are tied to Mortgage Backed Securities, which are a type of Bond. So as Bond prices improve, so do home loan rates. The simple truth is when inflation or just the fear of inflation grows, both Bonds and home loan rates take a turn for the worse. That’s because lower Bond prices are needed to give Bond investors juicier yields that will help out-pace inflation.