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Durham – A City on the Move

Through good and bad times, one of the things that make the American experience unique is our mobility. Whether it is migration from one region of the country to another or economic mobility, Americans are always on the move. Go West, young man, go West and grow up with the country, was heralded by Horace Greeley in the 19th century, and there have been similar waves through much of our history. More recently, Florida, and other southern states were prime destinations for snow weary Boomers.

605 West - Luxury Apartments for Duke Grad Students
605 West – Luxury Durham Apartments

But while much of the nation’s attention was focused on the loss of value of real estate from the Great Recession , Continue reading Durham – A City on the Move

How I Cut My July Duke-Progress Energy Bill 34%

Unlike the summer of 2011 that was one of the hottest on record, this summer seems to be quite mild. However, for those of us who have lived in North Carolina for any period of time, we are all too familiar how August can be unbearably hot.   The soaring temp’s remind me of the summers of my youth in West Texas where temperatures frequently were in the triple digits and the tar on the roads would begin to bubble. However, you don’t have to break the bank keeping cool. These are some of my most practical and practically free methods that I employed in my 38 year old home that helped to cut my energy  bill by 1/3 letting me keep more of my hard earned cash instead of giving it to Duke-Progress  Energy.

Triangle’s 5-day heat wave breaks record

The heat at RDU broke a record for consecutive days to reach the century mark, said National Weather Service meteorologist Kathleen Carroll. 
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Click Here to see my actual July 2011 compared to my July 2010 Progress Energy Bill Continue reading How I Cut My July Duke-Progress Energy Bill 34%

Five Reasons You Should Be Ashamed of Your 5% Mortgage Rate

5-percentMortgage rates are as low as they have ever been.  As a mortgage loan officer, one of the most frustrating things that a homeowner pondering refinancing their home can say to me is “I’m going to wait for rates to go lower”. In spite of the net tangible benefit that is in from of them today, it leaves me wondering exactly what information they are privy to that I am not. In reality this statement is akin to the same flawed thinking that real estate always goes up in value and never loses value that got millions of homeowners across America into the mess that we presently find ourselves in. Continue reading Five Reasons You Should Be Ashamed of Your 5% Mortgage Rate