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What is Private Mortgage Insurance?

I have PMI?

What Private Mortgage Insurance and why do I have it?

Years ago when your grand parents bought a home they saved each extra penny they could until they had enough for a down payment that was equal to at least 20% of the  price of their dream home.

More likely your grand father was likely was  returning veteran of WWII or the Korean War and then they used their entitlements benefits under the GI Bill and probably bought their firs home with a VA loan with no money down.

For the rest of us who can’t put together a tidy sum of 20% in cash for a down payment on a home which in  Raleigh could be as much as $35,000 there’s Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI).
Private mortgage insurance exists in a variety of forms.

Here is an example of just a the most common;

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