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Quality of Life in Raleigh

By now you have probably come to learn that there are many great reasons to call Raleigh, North Carolina home. Whether you are seeking better job opportunities, fleeing oppressive tax rates in New York and New Jersey, sick and tired of the crazy heat of Florida summers or seemingly endless winters of the Midwest, Raleigh has something for everyone.

Forbes:  “The Best Places For Business”  – Raleigh, NC

After calling Raleigh home for nearly five years, myself an economic refugee from Michigan, I have discovered that Raleigh indeed offers all of the above, including a vibrant arts scene, great dining and otherwise abundant quality of life. In fact, the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce recently conducted a survey of newcomers (people who have relocated to Raleigh within the past three years) with children, of those respondents, 92% affirmed their decision to relocate their family to Raleigh by asserting that if given the choice they would make the same decision again. That’s a pretty strong endorsement when you consider that most people with children prefer to live near their extended families for support.

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Flexing Your Discipline Muscle

This was me before losing 50 lbs with my daughter Bella (one of my motivations to get healthy)

Recently I completed the Broker Pre-Licensing Education required by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission before you can take the state license examination in order to obtain a Real Estate Agents license in North Carolina.

There was another licensed agent from Florida who was also in the class who among other professional licenses held a mortgage loan officers license in Florida. When first I asked him why he was  pursuing a license to sell real estate in North Carolina he said “you gotta follow the money“. I’m not sure if this is the kind of person I would want to represent me as a Buyer OR Seller but I don’t have to worry about it because I have my own real estate license. Continue reading Flexing Your Discipline Muscle