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Protect your Facebook in 5 Easy Steps

How to Change Facebook Security Settings


Recently I have been thinking quite a bit about the information that I share with others on Facebook.

If you are like me there are photo’s of your children, grandchildren and other members of your immediate and extended family. Mrs. Cobos like most of the women I know shares her maiden name so that her old school chums can find her.

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I’m Going Over the Edge!

Over the Edge Special Olympics North Carolina #OvertheEdge
Wachovia Bank Building Raleigh North Carolina

I need your help to put me Over the Edge of the Wachovia Bank Building Saturday October 1st.

With your help I will rapel 400 feet from the top of the Wachovia Bank Building in Downtown Raleigh to the ground below. Continue reading I’m Going Over the Edge!

Tip #1 How to Cut Your Power Bill

Tip#1 Change Your Filters & Turn up the Thermostat.

Change your filter when you pay your mortgage (monthly!)

I used to buy the expensive filters that would last three months but I soon learned that all I was doing was constricting airflow to my A/C unit and making it work harder.   Continue reading Tip #1 How to Cut Your Power Bill

The Raleigh Mortgage Guy is a CLEAR HERO!

Because I am an existing CLEAR customer I am thrilled to be chosen as Raleigh’s CLEAR Hero because it gives me the chance to let others discover for free how awesome it can be to surf the net on the go at 4G speeds. Now is probably a good time to let you know that although I am not being paid to say this I am being given the CLEAR SPOT to use without charge for the next 6 months as part of the CLEAR HERO program.