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Expanded Income limits for $8,000 Down Payment Assistance for Raleigh / Wake County Home Buyers

North Carolina Housing Finance Agency Expands Down Payment Income Limits


North Carolina Housing Finance Agency (NCHFA) has just announced  expanded down payment assistance (“DAP”) to help home buyers!  NCHFA will now offer an $8,000 Down Payment Assistance Program to all eligible borrowers within their maximum FirstHome income limits. Continue reading Expanded Income limits for $8,000 Down Payment Assistance for Raleigh / Wake County Home Buyers

Down Payment Assistance Programs for Raleigh Area HomeBuyers

Up to $7,500* for down payment and/or closing cost assistance

Gold, Guns or Real Estate?

Today’s historic low real estate prices in Raleigh North Carolina and the surrounding areas along with similarly low rates have made homeownership the best tool or hedge against inflation the average person can use to protect themselves from the imminent rising prices. If you have been waiting for the bottom, this loan officer is going on the record as saying THIS IS IT! Of course we will have no way of knowing that to be true until we look back six months from now and see that I was right, but by then it will be too late and you will have missed the best opportunity to have bought real estate in easily 30 or more years!

FHA Annual Mortgage Insurance Premium to Increase

This increase could cost your buyers more money each month for their total monthly mortgage payment. What can your buyers do? If they are close to contract, advise them to buy now before the new mortgage insurance premium takes effect. They must have an active loan application for the subject property prior to April 18, 2011.

3 Down Payment Assistance Programs for Raleigh Homebuyers

three little known down payment grants for home buyers in Raleigh North Carolina

Down Payment Assistance Grants Raleigh

If you are a typical Raleigh family who lives in Wake County and is a first time home buyer with two children and a household income that is less than $62,500 you could qualify for assistance Down Payment Grant from the State of North Carolina of up to $8,000 to be used towards the purchase of a new home priced up to $220,000 or an existing home up to $210,000! Another little know down payment grant is available from the Federal Home Loan Savings Bank of Atlanta that will actually give you a five to one (5:1) matching program towards your down payment, points and closing costs!