Bank of America Customer Service

Bank of America Accepted Short Sale – but they say you still owe

After a few weeks of the multiple times per day barrage of phone calls from Bank of America I attempted to resolve this by calling them myself. The colossal comedy of incompetence a person has to suffer in order to get a straight answer from Bank of America is deplorable! As a Mortgage Loan Officer with nearly 15 years of experience speaking the language of mortgage lenders I can only imagine how impossible this experience is to someone without similar experience.

Untangling the Foreclosure Mystery (via Foreclosure Fraud – Fighting Foreclosure Fraud by Sharing the Knowledge)

Here is a very funny but sadly somewhat true account in some cases of what was and is now occurring in the mortgage industry. From the man who brought us Bankster v. Deadbeat Debate… Now he sends this… Greetings from Key West.  Great jobs you folks are doing, keep up the fine fight.  Key…