Simply put, if you’re planning a move to the Raleigh – Cary MSA of the Triangle area of North Carolina in 2013 and your housing needs are such that you require a four bedroom home, renting may not be your most economical option today.

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My husband and I always operated under the premise that each house would be a stepping stone to the next bigger, better home. Our first house was purchased with an ARM loan, and we sold it about a year before the balloon payment was due. This house was never supposed to be our long-term home, but a stepping stone for a few years. We viewed buying and selling a house like trading cars, and it was often easier, in fact, than buying another car.

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Because of the current state of our economy many luxury home buyers may have been artificially sidelined. These would be move up buyers are fearfully waiting for the housing market to bottom. As with the stock market, it is hard to …

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