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How to protect your Credit from Identity Theft

In my free time I enjoy riding my Felt road bicycle. There is a cliché amongst cyclists, “there are two types of bikers, those who have crashed and those who haven’t crashed yet”. The same can be said about identity theft. It seems like once a week I read headlines such as Sony Hackers Claim to Have Credit Cards, and, Senate panel quizzes IRS on tax-return identity theft.From what I can tell there are no indications that identity theft will decline anytime soon either.

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Bank of America Accepted Short Sale – but they say you still owe

Bank of America Customer Service

After a few weeks of the multiple times per day barrage of phone calls from Bank of America I attempted to resolve this by calling them myself. The colossal comedy of incompetence a person has to suffer in order to get a straight answer from Bank of America is deplorable! As a Mortgage Loan Officer with nearly 15 years of experience speaking the language of mortgage lenders I can only imagine how impossible this experience is to someone without similar experience.

Three Reasons a Seller Should Get a Home Inspection

Home Inspection Report for Sellers

Buying &  selling a home under the best of circumstances can be stressful for both buyer and seller.

If you are the seller there are countless hours spent cleaning, primping, and pruning the property for the eagerly awaited day that a contract is received, negotiated and finally accepted. Continue reading Three Reasons a Seller Should Get a Home Inspection

What is Predatory Lending?

Predatory Lending Considerations

Subprime lending is not synonymous with predatory lending, and loans with the features described as Subprime are not necessarily predatory in nature. However, institutions should ensure that they do not engage in the types of predatory lending practices discussed in the Expanded Subprime Guidance. Typically, predatory lending involves at least one of the following elements: Continue reading What is Predatory Lending?

What is Title Insurance For?

What is Title Insurance For?

Why do I Need Title Insurance?

To some degree most of us have at least a basic understanding why we own and keep insurance on our auto, life and home.

When it comes to Title Insurance which might be the most important of types of insurance we will buy we tend to know very little. This is likely because most of us will only ever encounter it two or three times in our lives when we buy our dream home. Continue reading What is Title Insurance For?

When Should I Get A Survey?

Property Boundaries

Fences should not be considered an indication of property boundaries. Legal property boundaries are demarcated by surveyor pins or stakes. These are typically 1/2″ to 3/4″ round iron pipes flush or buried slightly below land surface. Newer pins might have yellow or orange caps that indicate the surveyor’s license number. Continue reading When Should I Get A Survey?

How to Upgrade your Home in Raleigh

For Houses in Raleigh  priced to sell between $550,000 - $599,999 there is 24 month supply of inventory
24 Month Supply of Luxury Homes in Raleigh Priced to sell between $550,000 & $599,999

Because of the current state of our economy many luxury home buyers may have been artificially sidelined.

These would be move up buyers are fearfully waiting for the housing market to bottom.

As with the stock market, it is hard to time the housing market. No one really knows for sure whether the market will go down further or not. In fact even after a recent six month rise in housing prices they have begin to fall again. Continue reading How to Upgrade your Home in Raleigh