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4 Tips for Reducing Energy Bills in Winter

Thermostat-frozen[1]It’s a fact, heating your home requires more energy than cooling it. Because winter tends to be milder in the South, when the mercury falls, people here tend to really crank the heat up.

Here are 4  time tested means to reducing your energy consumption this winter: Continue reading 4 Tips for Reducing Energy Bills in Winter

Three Reasons a Seller Should Get a Home Inspection

Home Inspection Report for Sellers

Buying &  selling a home under the best of circumstances can be stressful for both buyer and seller.

If you are the seller there are countless hours spent cleaning, primping, and pruning the property for the eagerly awaited day that a contract is received, negotiated and finally accepted. Continue reading Three Reasons a Seller Should Get a Home Inspection

Tips For Getting Organized!

Selling your Home – Tips to get Organized!


Experts agree a neat and tidy organized  home sells faster 
and for more than one that is cluttered and disorganized! When listing your home for sale you want potential home buyers to focus on the space and amenities, not your stuff!

When potential home buyers walk into your home and sees clutter, it gives the impression your home is dirty and not well-maintained and this is NOT the impression you want them to have! However when the home is organized it gives the impression that home is well cared for. Continue reading Tips For Getting Organized!

3 Down Payment Assistance Programs for Raleigh Homebuyers

three little known down payment grants for home buyers in Raleigh North Carolina

Top 6 Home Renovation Scams To Avoid

Scam artists are nothing new, but there are plenty of reasons to predict there will even more of them due to tough economic times. While they tend to prey on the elderly, anyone who is not cautious and informed is a potential victim. Your best defense is a skeptical mind and knowing what to look out for when you hear that offer that’s “too good to refuse.” Here are some of the most popular, and costly, home improvement scams.