8 Basic Requirements of the Ability to Repay Mortgage Rule

Ability to Repay Basic Eight Requirements

2014 brings with it many new rules established by this new regulator that have significant impacts not only on the type of loans that consumers have access to but how they are delivered. The rule set minimum requirements that a creditor must consider in making the ability‐to‐repay determination. Eight factors must be considered, at a minimum, in the underwriting evaluation process:

FAQ – How Will a Government Shut-down Delay My Mortgage Loan Application?

There’s been a lot of rhetoric coming from both sides of the congressional aisles these days; from Democratic and Republican parties and even a few in between. But  recently the media has begun reporting government shutdown fallacies as facts. I’ve stayed out of this very heated political discussion for obvious reasons, but when a client recently sent…

5 tips to pay for college tuition

With most of the country still reeling from the hangover caused by the Roman Orgy of Real Estate it sounds a little premature to begin taking cash out of your home for something as unsure as a child’s education, but that’s exactly what some people are doing. Recently I have encountered a growing number of 40 something Gen-X’ers doing something even crazier;