The Raleigh Mortgage Guy is a CLEAR HERO!

Because I am an existing CLEAR customer I am thrilled to be chosen as Raleigh’s CLEAR Hero because it gives me the chance to let others discover for free how awesome it can be to surf the net on the go at 4G speeds. Now is probably a good time to let you know that although I am not being paid to say this I am being given the CLEAR SPOT to use without charge for the next 6 months as part of the CLEAR HERO program.


For those of you unfamiliar with CLEAR Wireless here is the rundown. CLEAR Is the super-fast , take-it-with-you internet solution for people on the go. Our 4G service runs on the nation’s leading network with the widest spectrum advantage. Our 4G network spans the nation and covers over 119 million people in over 70 U.S.…