Can a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) impact my credit score

Q&A: Impact on Credit Scores? QUESTION: Can a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) impact my credit score? ANSWER: Credit expert Linda Ferrari (author of “THE BIG SCORE: Getting It and Keeping It, Buying Power for Life”) explains that HELOCs are commonly categorized as revolving accounts. As a result, they are rated using the “Balance to…

a simple explanation of inflation and mortgage rates

That is because home loan rates are tied to Mortgage Backed Securities, which are a type of Bond. So as Bond prices improve, so do home loan rates. The simple truth is when inflation or just the fear of inflation grows, both Bonds and home loan rates take a turn for the worse. That’s because lower Bond prices are needed to give Bond investors juicier yields that will help out-pace inflation.

Gold, Guns or Real Estate?

Today’s historic low real estate prices in Raleigh North Carolina and the surrounding areas along with similarly low rates have made homeownership the best tool or hedge against inflation the average person can use to protect themselves from the imminent rising prices. If you have been waiting for the bottom, this loan officer is going on the record as saying THIS IS IT! Of course we will have no way of knowing that to be true until we look back six months from now and see that I was right, but by then it will be too late and you will have missed the best opportunity to have bought real estate in easily 30 or more years!