We bought a Wake County farm house (rehab)

“I’m tired of throwing my money away in Rent!” It’s a common complaint that I hear from people contemplating buying their own home. In fact, it’s been a very personal complaint in my home for the past 8 years.

My name is Ricardo Cobos and I’m both a realtor and mortgage loan officer in Raleigh, North Carolina.  I entered the real estate industry in 1998 and I bought my very first home in 1991. But the downturn in the economy of 2008 caused me to have to sell my home for less than not only what we owed but less than we had actually paid for the house only a few years previously. As a result, like millions of other Americans, we found ourselves ‘temporarily’ renting again…or so we thought.

While renting can be a good option for people who are right out of college, settling down into a new city or are just not ready to commit to a home due to life circumstances it can get old quickly, especially when you find yourself paying more in rent that a comparable home in Wake County could cost you to own!

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Today we joined the ranks of millions of Americans who like us have been sidelined by the 2008 economy and are now reentering the home buying market as ‘boomerang buyers’, a coin termed by the industry for people like me who were ineligible for a mortgage due to either a bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure resulting from the 2008 financial melt down.

When we began searching for a home in Wake County in January of this year, we had a budget that was about $70,000 less than where we have ultimately had to spend in order to buy the house we wanted. Today we have a house under contract and it needs about $55,000 in order to bring it to market values. Although I work with many property investors who buy, rehab and flip homes for a profit, this will be one of the biggest rehab projects we have undertaken yet.

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