Wake County Rehab Project – Day#1 – Demolition

Day#1 – DEMO

Today we began the demo. We have had some good news today. We learned the well was in good shape and although one of the pressure tanks was faulty, the other was in good shape and the water tests came back negative. The septic was in good shape and apart from some standard maintenance, we’re good there too.

The rotten siding was stripped off and so was the rotted decking from the rear deck. It is safe to say that in future, we will definitely be using a generous layer of deck coating to protect the wood. The bad news of the day was that there were some significant soft spots in the roof and there was also significant damage from Wood Destroying Insects. We suspect that termites were responsible. For more information on termites and how to get rid of them seek the help of termite control los angeles. But the big surprise of the day came from the concrete contractor who wanted $14,000 to remove and replace 10 yards of driveway….we might need to get a second bid!

Tomorrow we kill the termites and begin to install the deck, before coating the decking and then getting estimates from the granite installer and roofers…..stay tuned.