Streamlined FHA Refinance No Credit, Income or Appraisal Required!

Thanks to President Obama’s recent directive to HUD to reduce the PMI there are three million homeowners who can now refinance at today’s historic low interest rates without any credit, income, or appraisal requirements! The programs is designed to help North Carolina homeowners take advantage of a FHA Streamlined Refinance.

According to HUD statistics, there are 3 million homeowners who bought their homes using an FHA loan since 2009 who could benefit from this new program. Are you one of them?

FAQ – What is needed to qualify for a Streamlined FHA Refinance Loan?


  1. You must have made six (6) consecutive payments on your current FHA insured mortgage loan
  2. At least 210 days ,must have paxsed since the closing date of the loan being refinanced
  3. At least six (6) full months have passed since the first payment due date of the loan being refinanced
  4. There must be a Net Tangible Benefit to the borrower.
  5. Complete an online application
  6. Close in ten (10) days
  7. Save money!


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