How to Prepare for Your Move

As a mortgage lender since 1998 I have helped literally thousands of families embark on their new journey of home ownership and while it can be exciting, it can be chaotic it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. As with any journey, a good road map will make the trip smoother.

I hope this checklist will be helpful as you prepare for the big day.

Download a Printable Checklist

Four Weeks Prior to the Move:

  • Establish a moving file or folder to collect all documents related to the move.
  • Set up a file to collect documents (financial, tax, employment) needed for your loan.
  • Sell or donate unwanted household and personal items, or put them into self storage using something like keepsafe storage perth
  • Meet with 3 or 4 movers to get estimates. Then you can chose which company offers the best quote. From experience we’ve found that the removalists Sydney have the best quotes for moving houses. Whether it’s across State or down the road they’re up for any removal job.
  • Arrange to have medical/dental/vet records transferred or obtain copies.
  • Make sure the house has the correct security like proper locks and a home security camera alarm system
  • Contact insurance company to transfer policies.
  • Contact schools for copies of student records.