a presidential proclamation of thanksgiving

Ever since the first Europeans called America home, before there was America, giving thanks to God has been our tradition.  Even in times of trial and strife, Americans have set aside this one day of the year to give thanks for all that He has done.

Today, as we look around and see images flash across our screens of civil unrest and bloody atrocities, both near and abroad, we can find many reasons to be sorrowful. However, lest we overlook the too numerous to mention reasons to be thankful, consider instead the following words of our 16th President who as Commander in Chief in the midst of what arguably was the darkest hour of the Union proclaimed the following:

‘It is meet and right to recognize and confess the presence of the Almighty Father, and the power of His hand, equally in these triumphs and sorrows…I invite the people of the United States to assemble….and render the homage [giving of thanks] due the Divine Majesty for the wonderful things He has done in the nations behalf… and finally to lead the whole nation, through the paths of repentance and submission to the Divine will, back to the enjoyment of union and fraternal peace”.  – Abraham Lincoln 

Read the full proclamation here

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