2014 Electric Vehicle Tax North Carolina

If you’re one of ‘those’ people in North Carolina who own a plug-in electric vehicle because you either want to save the environment or save money at the pump; well guess what?
As of Wednesday you now must pay an additional $100 fee during the car’s initial registration or at its annual renewal that lawmakers say is required to offset gas taxes, which electric car owners do not have to pay. North Carolina legislators have very cleverly titled this law the “Fair Share Contribution for Electric Vehicles” Act, after all, who couldn’t support fairness, right?

Even though according to some I have a very heavy carbon footprint, you might be surprised to learn that I oppose this new law because in my opinion it creates a special tax that targets a very specific group of people who were created by a special tax incentive in the first place! Where’s the 14th amendment? I predict this law will be challenged in 2014 and I sincerely hope that it is overturned. In the meantime, I will continue to overfund road projects through my consumption of carbon based energy. Happy New Year!