Tip #6 How to Cut Your Power Bill

No Hollywood Showers!

Tip#6 Take a Cold Shower!

Showers are also preferred over bathtubs because they clean the body more effectively and are easier to maintain.The downside of a shower is that, because it sprays water, can regularly put more moisture into the air and onto the walls and floor than a bathtub.

I get it, this one is going to be hard for some of you but really, do you need to take hot showers when it’s 102 and the ReelFeel is 115? Shouldn’t you want  to take cold showers?

As you can tell, this is a thorny topic in my house because Mrs. Cobos will take a hot shower any day of the week regardless of the temperature outside. The water coming out of the city pipe isn’t all that cold.  Raleigh water supply isn’t is coming from aquifers 150 feet in the earth it’s coming from Falls & Jordan Lakes for goodness sake!

OK, now that I vented, make sure it IS vented. In other words, if you have someone in your home who needs to take Hollywood showers open the bathroom window or use the exhaust vent. Nothing heats a house faster than boiling water.