Tip #4 How to Cut Your Power Bill

Tip#4 – Turn off those computers when they’re not in use!

But wait until you’re done reading this post first!

Dirt & Heat Will Kill Your PC and Heat your Home!

I’m not sure how much energy Desktop PC’s actually use but they sure do put out a lot of heat! Unless gentlemen you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to a vasectomy those laptops that are too hot to put on your lap sure out an enormous amount heat also!

The same for your desktops too – why do you think they have such huge fans in them? To dissipate the heat of course.   Which brings me to  a valuable PC maintenance tip.

If your PC is belching heat from the moment you turn it on or you  notice the fan kicking in as soon you turn it on, it needs to be cleaned out at once to prevent damage to the processor.

Mrs. Cobos’ PC was so loud it was obnoxious, I opened the tower case to reveal my shame. The heat sink was covered in thick layer of dust that was preventing the heat of the processor from properly venting.  Frankly I’m surprised this didn’t burn up the chip! After a 10 minute clean she’s purring like a kitten (the PC, not Mrs. Cobos!) If your PC is beyond repair or outdated here’s a great Article from Kipplinger’s How to Dispose of your unwanted TechnoTrash and I don’t mean Euro disco bunnies.