Tip #1 How to Cut Your Power Bill

Tip#1 Change Your Filters & Turn up the Thermostat.

Change your filter when you pay your mortgage (monthly!)

I used to buy the expensive filters that would last three months but I soon learned that all I was doing was constricting airflow to my A/C unit and making it work harder.  On the advice of an HVAC installer I  have begun buying the contractors pack and when I WRITE MY MORTGAGE CHECK I CHANGE THE FILTERS.

Progress Energy Says that for every 1 degree that you raise your thermostat in the summer will save you $25 per month and while that may be true, I still need to FEEL comfortable and I need to sleep at night. I run the AC in my house at 77/78 depending on how humid it is outside during the day and will run it at 75 at night to sleep.

If you follow my practical tips, 77 will feel quite comfortable.

For more tips check out Duke-Progress Energy’s 100 Ways to Save Energy.

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  2. ncsulilwolf says:

    Good tips, neighbor! Looking forward to cutting these $200-300 energy bills down significantly! By the way, I’ll be dropping my laptops by for a good cleaning this weekend 😉