The Raleigh Mortgage Guy is a CLEAR HERO!

Officially chosen as
clear 4gCLEAR Raleigh Hero

OK I admit it, I just like the way that title sounds but  I AM a HERO to every coffee-house weary patron tired of the oh so painfully slow T1 speeds at the likes of that national chain of coffee-house.  Yes we have all been guilty of seeking out the chain coffee  in order to indulge in a $5 latte and to connect our devices to the internet so we can find out what our FaceBook friends are up to, or maybe get a little work done while download the latest hit from Lady GaGa.

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If like me you remember when T1 speeds were the end all and be-all of the blazing fast connections with boasting what is now considered painfully slow 1.4MB down/up  speeds. Those speeds are  nothing compared to the blazing fast on the go speeds delivered with CLEAR Spot 4G service!

Because I am an existing CLEAR customer I am thrilled to be chosen as  Raleigh’s CLEAR Hero because it gives me the chance to let others discover for free how awesome it can be to surf the net on the go at 4G speeds. Now is probably a good time to let you know that although I am not being paid to say this I am being given the CLEAR SPOT to use without charge for the next 6 months as part of the CLEAR HERO program.

Most days you can find me  between Cary, Fuquay-Varina, Garner (go Scotty!) and  downtown Raleigh.  One of my favorite places to take my CLEAR spot is to the O2 Fitness at  Seaboard Station where I can connect to the internet with  my Samsung Galaxy Tablet and enjoy surfing the net at blazing fast speeds watching streaming video from the financial markets and making phone calls via Skype.  When I’m done working out I usually like to head over to Cafe Helios in the very trendy Glenwood South district a few blocks north of downtown Raleigh to get some work done.

When I’m not surfing the net with my laptop or my Galaxy Tab, I will usually have the Clear Spot in my pocket because it is the size of a small smart phone. If you’re around just look for the open WiFi network  that says Check out CLEAR 4G Speeds and you will know that you are in the presence of Raleigh’s CLEAR HERO! (or at least within 150 feet!

How much does this cost you?  Nothing, a hero never charges for saving the world and neither do I.

For those of you unfamiliar with CLEAR Wireless here is the rundown.

  • CLEAR Is the super-fast , take-it-with-you internet solution for people on the go. Our 4G service runs on the nation’s leading network with the widest spectrum advantage.
  • Our 4G network spans the nation and covers over 119 million people in over 70 U.S. markets.
  • We not only power CLEAR (our own retail brand), but technology and telecommunications leaders like Sprint, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Best Buy, and beyond rely on our 4G network.
  • The CLEAR Spot 4G is a portable hotspot that can bring 4G coverage to up to 8 wi-fi enabled devices. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, cameras and gaming devices can all experience the power of 4G.
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