Apex Nature Park – Is It or Isn’t It?

Last year, I blogged about the proposed Nature Park slated for construction near Apex Barbeque Rd. Naturally I was excited to learn that it would include many great amenities including   concession stand,  playground,  softball,  soccer and baseball fields, tennis courts too. Because  I live just a short mile from the proposed location, and I sell many homes in the Apex, NC area  I have used this Nature Park as a potential selling point for prospective home buyers.

Apex North Carolina Parks and Recreation

Since I  hadn’t heard much through the grapevine lately about its progress I decided to check out the Apex Town website. To my dismay, the original Apex Town Park Master Plan was replaced by this: “PAGE NOT FOUND”.  What happened?

Last year, I was told that the Apex Town Park would be started in 2011 and finished in 2012.  Guess what?  As quoted from the Apex Website: “The construction of this project is tied directly to the sale of the remaining $6,000,000 in parks bonds. Council has not yet set a date for the sale of those bonds.”

OK… so I can now let my excitement subside at least until the Town of Apex can raise the money via a muni-bond auction which because of the current economic conditions in other parts of the country the current rates being demanded by muni-bond investors even though Apex is fiscally sound, that could mean this project may be still  a few years away.

Until then, there are still  many great reasons to call Apex North Carolina home. Quality of life, great schools and neighborhoods. Proximity to Cary without actually being Cary and of course its convenience to the Research Triangle Park and Durham. There are a lot of other parks and recreational facilities located in the Apex area.  But golly gee… now actually have to drive a couple minutes to get to them!