Tornadoes in Joplin and Oklahoma City

Because of the recent loss of life and property devastation in Joplin, MO and in Oklahoma City and  Tornadoes I thought it would be appropriate to repost some of the most read article on this site this past month;

What to consider before choosing a Restoration Company vs. Contractor/Repairman

May 12, 2011 Raleigh Mortgage Guy

Raleigh, NC  –  Headlines have done little to make real for most of us what devastation, loss of life and economic livelihoods have occurred because of these disasters.

Serendipity Drive - Tornado Damage - Raleigh North Carolinastorm damage from April 16th tornado in Raleigh NC

It is hard for me to recall a time in my adult history that so many natural disasters have occurred in such a compressed period of time. To me it seems like it began with the Japan earthquakes and tsunamis resulting in the reactor melt downs and now with the flood waters on the Mississippi Delta…..Read More

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