Down Payment Assistance Programs for Raleigh Area HomeBuyers

According to most first time home buyers. Saving money for the down payment on a home is often cited as the most difficult obstacle in the home buying process to overcome.


Up to $7,500* in matching grant funds for Raleigh North Carolina  first time home buyers!

First-time home buyers can often use a little assistance in securing financing for their first home. That’s why I can offer the Federal Home Loan Bank  program, which provides funds that can help eligible individuals become new homeowners. Here are some of the pertinent details

  • Up to $7,500* for down payment and/or closing cost assistance 
  • Requires a borrower contribution of at least $1,000 from his/her own funds 
  • 4 to 1 match, based on the amount of borrower’s contribution:
  • Contribute $1,000 and receive $4,000* in funds (minimum) Contribute $1,875 and receive $7,500* in funds (maximum) 
  • Seller can pay closing costs, as allowed by loan program 
  • Homeowner Education Certificate required 
  • Can be combined with other grant funds
  • Income limits apply, based on household size and location



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