Top 6 Home Renovation Scams To Avoid

Because more and more people have been unable to sell their homes there has been a boom in home improvements. There are many reasons people choose to improve their homes and the most common reasons are either preparation for sale or because they have chosen to stay for a while and want to make improvements for their enjoyment and to add longevity.

All boom and bust cycles opportunity reveal both the best and the worst. So prevalent are scams in Home Improvement that the Attorney Generals office of North Carolina has an entire section of that office dedicated to investigating consumer complaints.  If you have a complaint about a home repair or home product, contact the North Carolina Attorney Generals Officeor call toll free within North Carolina at 1-877-5-NO-SCAM.

Scam artists are nothing new, but there are plenty of reasons to predict there will even more of them due to tough economic times. While they tend to prey on the elderly, anyone who is not cautious and informed is a potential victim. Your best defense is a skeptical mind and knowing what to look out for when you hear that offer that’s “too good to refuse.” Here are some of the most popular, and costly, home improvement scams.

When choosing a contractor to work on your home look for those who are members of your local Home Builders Association, in Wake County that would the Wake County Home Builders Association and you can search builders & Contractors by clicking here. In addition to requesting references, you should realize that they are only going to give you those who will say good things about them, use Google to search “(insert contractors name) complaints”  always make sure they are licensed and insured.  If a contractor is insured then they shouldn’t offer any resistance when you request their agent provide you with a certificate of insurance naming you and your property address as an additional insured PRIOR to beginning work on your home so if there is an accident and there is bodily injury or property damage you aren’t stuck footing the bill or having to make a claim against YOUR insurance.

Top 6 Home Renovation Scams To Avoid – Yahoo! Real Estate.


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